Vedic Reading Series Episode No 22 – Part 2: The Comfort Of Nakedness And Psycho-sexuality

Connect With Me Our guest in today’s podcast is Barbora. Due to the length of this podcast, we have divided it into two parts. In the first half, we discuss Barbora’s work and in the second part, we discuss her chart. Barbora is a passionate and seasoned practitioner, who has completed her training in Somatic […]

‘Porn And The Pandemic’ Book Review Podcast Series Episode No. 1

Connect With Me In today’s podcast, I am joined again by Joshua Shea, the author of, ‘I am a porn addict and now what?’. In this episode, we discuss his latest book, ‘Porn And The Pandemic’ which looks at how three months in 2020 changed the culture around porn. So welcome to another episode of […]

Talking To The Dead – Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 21 With June Ahern

Click Here To Connect With Me Our guest for today’s podcast is medium, June Ahern. June is gifted with the ability to communicate with the dead and read past life events with the help of spirits. In this podcast our discussion centres on her own near-death experience and the way in which she connects with […]

Flat Earth, Aliens, Jesus And Shiva – Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 20 With Anthony Hoyes

Click Here To Connect With Me. Anthony Hoyes is the lead singer for the metal band VORZUG he is the former head of legal for fortune 500 financial company. He also worked for Universal music group and Sony music as an HR consultant He is now a conspiracy researcher. And on todays podcast he is […]

The Five Levels Of Pleasure – Vedic Reading Series Episode No.19

You can connect to me over here For todays podcast we are having a guest her name is Bracha Goetz She is a Harvard educated author of 39 children’s books. On todays podcast we are speaking about how to over come the food addiction and the five levels of pleasure. So lets begin Our Vedic […]

Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 18: The Serpent Wisdom With Valentina Leo – Hasta Nakshatra

Click here to connect with me. Hi, Todays podcast we are having a guest her name is Valentina leo, She is a Teacher of Erotic Wisdom and an Explorer of the Tantric Realms for over 20 years, Valentina is a Dakini ~ holder of the freedom lineage from the Tantric school of Fascinating Wonderment (Vismayo) that […]

Kundalini Yoga Level 1 – A Simple Meditation Technique To Transmit Your Sexuality Into Creativity

This video is a simple meditation technique of kundalini yoga describing the very first step in transmitting your sexuality into a visible creative force. The technique is taken from Devi Sahasranamam. Related posts:The Esoterism of Tantric enlightenment in world religions (Vedic reading series episode number – 5) -Ashwini NakshatraNodejs tools which you needed nowTips for […]

Mystical Wisdom And An Introduction To Kundalini Yoga

Connect With Me Hi. Welcome all to a new episode of our podcast​ series. In this podcast, I am joined by Heather Smith to discuss #MysticalWisdom​ and an introduction to #KundaliniMeditation​. Below is a written transcript of the interview hithis is arun from irons yoga dot ironi am a software engineer who mostly workwithnode.js php […]

Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 17 – Cold War Of Etherium And ADA

Click Here to connect with me In today’s podcast I am doing a comparison reading between two crypto currencies: #Etherium​ and Ada, with the help of the chart of their founders, Charles Hoskinsons and Vitalik. I am in no way associated with any of these cryptos or their founders. Also, this is not investment advice. […]

Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 16 – Mystical Meditation: Uthara bhadrapada nakshatra

Connect with me click the aobve link to connect with me Hi, Today I am joined by Heather Smith. Heather is the founder of ‘Mystical Meditation’. She is based in London and California, offering spiritual guidance designed for anyone interested in the mystical teachings of “The Infinite Way” (the work of Joel Goldsmith) or for […]