Workshops With Sufiana

In at this particular we are talking with sufiana about her workshops. BIO AND WORKSHOP PROPOSAL:Sufiana Sachdev is an internationally renowned workshop/retreats/seminars Facilitator who brings Creative Arts, Psychology and Spirituality together, to AWAKEN people to their best life- to heal, transform and lead their purpose as conscious individuals in conscious relationships.SHE IS TRAINED IN INDIA […]

Tantric workshops of satyama.

Todays podcast we are having satyama again. in at this podcast we are having a discussion about her upcoming movies and giving a thought process on what is tantra And what is tantra is not. Below is a non verbal transcript of the same. [Music]hi this is arun from ironsyoga.ili am a software engineer who […]

Vedic reading series episode no -24 Philosophy of LGBTQIA

Hello and welcome to another episode of arunsyoga vedic reading series in at this episode of number 24 we are having a guest her name is wrene she is the part of the LGBTQIA community, her aim is to support and advocate for mental health awareness and entertain topics of philosophy+ humour you could connect […]

Date 20th episode of The Round Table Talk Show with Sharifah Hardie

Below Is a Non Verbal Transcript Of The Same [Music]them[Music]are you a business looking for a freshnew way to reach potential customerswell you need to get air time on it tvand 24 7 streaming and on-demand tvservice online and on roku with rokuhaving a potential reach of 62 millionpeople it’s a perfect opportunity toreach potential […]


Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher based in Florida. For full details on how you can receive scalar energy treatments remotely, visit WWW.SCALARLIGHT.COM  or call 805.364.3051.  Support e-mail: Below is a non verbal transcript of same. [Music]hi this is arun from ironsyoga.ili am a software engineer who mostly workwith node.js php and other […]

Poetry with Brenda

Hello and welcome to the another episode of arunsyoga podcast today we are having a guest her name is Brenda. Brenda Asterino lives on Lopez Island, Washington. She worked as a private and public educator for nearly twenty-five years when life was forever changed by a car accident. Her education includes an AA in Humanities, […]

Vedic reading episode no 23 Looking in to the past life with candice.

Hello and welcome to our next episode our vedic reading series. Today we are having a special guest her name is candice wu Candice supports people in self love, a liberated experience of humanity, harmony, intuition, alignment, and self-expression. With spiritually compassionate, trauma-sensitive approaches and intuitive collaboration, she offers tools and space for navigating the […]

Vedic reading series episode no-22 Self Journey Of a Porn Warrior Felicity Feline.

Hello and welcome to another episode of our vedic reading series In at this episode of no -22 we are joining with the former adult entertainer, certified nutrition and yoga trainer felicity feline. In at this particular episode we are analysing her chart along with her dog felix and going through her vision and her […]

The singularity and Dance of Eternity with Arun Webber

Here is a podcast of mine with lizard news. Below is a non verbal transcript for the same. foreign[Music]is[Music]so umi guess let’s just get into it man uhthanks for coming on the show is itaaronyeahi don’t yesokay um thanks for coming on the showman um let’s just you know tell me alittle bit about yourself […]