Vedic reading series Episode no-4 Orgasm Forever

In this podcast we have a fascinating guest whose name is jem. She is from uk here she is sharing her mind blowing story of how she got diagnosed with stage four cancer while she was in thailand and used the power of orgasm to overcome the same.   Also she is helping others in […]

Tantric Quest by Daniel Odier: A Book Review with Ben From

In this episode I’m joined by Ben for a book review of Tantric Quest by Daniel Odier, and a discussion about the ethics west-meets-east cineamatic themes. Below is a non verbal transcript of the podcast i’m ben lawson aka tantra punk your guide to sexual liberation healing and empowerment as a certified tantric counselor and […]

Two diffrent minds Vedic reading series episode no-3

In this podcast I am reading the chart of Daniela she lives in California. I met this wonderful woman in Thiruvannamalai where we were dancing and singing and praying for the blessings of Arunachala shiva. She travels the world with a Hula hoop and empower local community by sharing her wisdom and performing art. And […]

The shamanic wisdom Vedic reading series episode no-2

In this podcast I am having a guest his name is Franko he lives in Brazil and he is a shaman who helps people to seek there true purposes with the help of tarot cards and shamanic wisdom.  He also wrote two books in this space one is mother earth oracle and another one is […]

A podcast episode of reading the chart of ben from

This is a podcast episode. In this audio i am reading the chart of Ben from Ben is a Los Angeles, California based sex worker, feminist porn performer, certified permaculture designer, certified tantric counselor, author, film maker, and recording artist. Ben have found healing and empowerment through sacred loving arts, ecological gardening, shamanism, ecstatic […]