Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 22, Part 1: The Comfort Of Nakedness And Psychosexuality

Connect to me Hello, And welcome to vedic reading series episode No 22 – Part 1: The Comfort Of Nakedness And Psychosexuality. Our guest in today’s podcast is Barbora. Due to the length of this podcast, we have divided it into two parts. In the first half, we discuss Barbora’s work and in the second […]

Flat Earth, Aliens, Jesus And Shiva – Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 20 With Anthony Hoyes

Click Here To Connect With Me. Anthony Hoyes is the lead singer for the metal band VORZUG he is the former head of legal for fortune 500 financial company. He also worked for Universal music group and Sony music as an HR consultant He is now a conspiracy researcher. And on todays podcast he is […]

Why I Wrote OpenPinner And What It Does

Git Hub url: Openpinner-client (A simple client to pin your files to undeletable internet). This is the client app written in angular for Openpinner: For more details visit: Working example on glitch (Time to compile might be little higher based on glitch server): Related posts:Weired scholorships but can make you richVedic […]

7 coding websites that could help you to get a job

HackerRank: It boasts of about 2 million developers solving code challenges comprising four sections of Practice, Compete, Job and Leader board.In Practice, you’ll solve various problems as per the problem level assigned, language proficiency and specialized skill. Also, there are tutorials associated with coding interviews.In Compete, you’ll check in for contests or can create your […]

Weired scholorships but can make you rich

Lovers of the number five scholarshipA website called hosts the Fifth Month Scholarship but doesn’t explain why it chose this odd topic – which is a clever PR move, because now everyone talks about it. The rules are simple: The writer of the best 250-word essay on why the number 5 is so important...

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Kari /Kumbil/ Karai/ Thippilli/ Agar/ Krushnagus/ Agalichandanum/ Akil/ Sen Santhanam/ Aguru – Cashmere Tree/ Long Pepper/ Red Sandal -(Diospyros melanoxylon/ Ptero carpus santalinus/ Aquillaria agallocha)

Diospyros melanoxylon, the Coromandel ebony or East Indian ebony, is a species of flowering tree in the family Ebenaceae native to India and Sri Lanka; it has a hard, dry bark. Its common name derives from Coromandel, the coast of southeastern India. Locally it is known as tambourine or by its Hindi name tendu. In...

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Pitta Nature food and diseases

Pitta – the fiery dosha  Pitta is the fiery Dosha – the energy of digestion, metabolism, the sensations through which the organism perceives and reacts adequately to what is happening in the environment. Pitta manages the biochemical processes of transformations, of reformations of everything that enters the body: it must be processed and assimilated. Thus, the useful substances...

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