Kriya for Uthara Bhadrapada

Rain Catcher To See the Unseen and Know the Unknown The Rain Catcher  Posture and Mudra-Sit in cross legged position with the right arm out in front parallel to the floor with the elbow straight, but not locked.-The palm to the right hand is facing up and slightly cupped as if catching rain.-The left hand […]

Kriya for Purva bhadrapada

Trishul kriya Related posts:Kriya for Mrigashirsha KUNDALINI YOGA STRENGTHEN INTUITIVE PROJECTION In this meditation we seek our destination and goal with our intuitive faculty that is beyond thinking, but sensing and knowing the fulfillment of our manifestations. A certain bliss of letting go in the face of action allows one to gracefully maneuver through time […]

Kriya for Shathabhistha

KIRTAN KRIYA It can unveil the deep subconscious motivations and emotions allowing us to make decisions form a more conscious place rather than attaching to the same patterns. Related posts:Simple Birth Chart calculator based On western Astrology This is a simple birth chart calculator based on the western zodiac. Kriya for Revathi SODARSHAN CHAKRA KRIYA Sit […]

Kriya for Dhanistha

Ashtang Mantra The Morning Call Ashtang means “8 limbs” correlating to the 8 Vasudevas who represent the worldly spheres of existence. By chanting this mantra you open and merge into all the spheres of existence harmonizing your vibration bringing balance and buoyancy in life’s matters.  Yogi Bhajan says about this mantra, “This mantra is known as the Ashtang Mantra […]

Kriya for Shravana

The Divine Shield Meditation  For Protection and Positivity Through listening we connect ourselves to the universal field and merge into the flow of the cosmos allowing us to be unaffected by it’s oscillations.  We align and receive the creativity of the great universal mother which sustains our reality.  Through listening we allow everything to exist and the […]

Kriya for Uthara ashada

Part 1:  Sit in cross-legged position and chant the mantra below on a single breath, as you press the fingertips sequentially with each syllable. Mantra:SAA TAA NAA MAARAA MAA DAA SAASAA SAY SO HUNG Time:  11 to 31 minutes Part 2:  Stay in cross legged position, inhale deep, hold the breath for 20-30 seconds while you shake every […]