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Providing access to quality educational materials for free since 2012

Eduladder is a community of students, teachers, and programmers interested in helping you pass any exams. We offer help and assistance in solving academic and programming questions fast.

At Eduladder, you can Ask, Answer, Listen, Earn and Download Questions and Question papers. You can also watch related videos on your favorite subject.

We currently help more than 300,000 students around the world.

2) Tantra Research

We conduct Vedic and Tantric research to make the ancient wisdom available to everyone. We regularly publish related articles on


->Practicing different kinds of sadhanas from text books such as Atharva veda and Soundarya lahari

->Documenting and preserving ethnic knowledge in different formats, such as audio, video , images, podcasts, applications and much more.

3) Building a special space for tantric practices and rituals

A video relating to this could be found here:

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