Empowerment Programme (Get Free Crypto Currency For New Users)

Empowerment through Vedic technology and Esoterism for powerful modern man

This subscription will enable you to:

->Chat with community members, including Programmers, Students, Artists, Philosophers, Mystics, Astrologers, Tantriks, Shamans And therapists

->Get new updates in your Inbox every day, which includes Videos, Audios, Photos, Podcasts and much more, related to Vedic technologies, Intuitive thoughts, Esoterism, and Software recommendations for safe internetting

->Get exclusive offers and rewards for our products

Who Am I?

Find out more about me here:


Our Content Is Focused On:

Creative thinking
Work ethic
Time management
Critical thinking
Conflict resolution


Who Is This For?

If you are any of the following, or want to be become one, then this course is for you:

Self driven and motivated students
Parents who want to see their kids become smarter
Spiritual seekers
Business leaders
Business executives

What Are The Problems Many Are Facing?

All of the above require the necessary information in order to stay updated and competitive in today’s world.

How Are We Solving This?

We help by providing the necessary information in the form of written, video and audio format at affordable prices. Through a multilingual technological platform called arunsyoga.in which is available in approximately 160 languages across the globe.

Example Content Is Available In The Link Below:

Some sample contents:


More here:


Promotional Offer – One Time Only (meaning you could use any of these only once – after that you will fall into the regular tariff)

(Gold subscription)One year – 800 Rs
(Silver subscription)Six months – 450 Rs
(Bronze subscription)One month – 80 Rs

Ways You Can Pay

You can use the link below in order to join the programme. Choose the appropriate link and go ahead and make a payment. All payment is secured with stripe, the most secure payment gateway out there.

How Can You Activate?

If you are using the link below to activate this then you will get an automatic renewal.

Is There Any Kind Of Certification provided?

This is not a certification programme, instead this is focused on individual development.

How Will I Get Notified?

You will receive an email whenever a new post is updated.

What are you waiting for?! You can opt for a one month trial subscription for under 11 Rs

Level Price  
Bronze 30 days subscription INR 80.00 now and then INR 140.00 per Month. Select
Silver Subscription Six months INR 450.00 now and then INR 800.00 every 6 Months. Select
Gold subscription One year INR 800.00 now and then INR 1,400.00 per Year. Select

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