Empowerment Program

Have you ever noticed some people succeed in their business without much effort?

Some people pass any exams without the help of any studies?

If you do this and you are curious about how all thease happens then this place is for you.

We are reveling the secrets of secrets to you step by step

Who are we?

We are a group of students, teachers and programmers those are behind eduladder.com Who empower peopel by means of helping them to pass all the exams which they faces in life.

Our reach

By the end of 2019 We have reached almost 3.5 Lakh of sudents across the globe through eduladder.com

What we have realised

The current education system is not helping peopel to reach there fullest pottential thats makes them to lack a hell lot of skills whcih is necessary in at this present complicated world

Soft skills

Soft skills are extremely needed for today’s world to get what you are exactly needed in your life That’s why we are designed our international recognized soft skills training program in at an affordable price to everyone.

The soft skill which includes

Creative thinking
Work ethic
Time management
Critical thinking
Conflict resolution


To whom this is for?

Self driven and motivated students
Parents those who wants to see that there kids are becoming smarter
Spiritual seekers
Business leaders
Business executives.

What all are the problems they are facing?

All these above peoples needed the necessary infos which is needed to stay updated in at this today’s world to stay competitive enough.

How are we solving this?

We are solving the problems of this category by providing the necessary infos on the form of written video and audio format at affordable price. Through a multilingual technological platform called arunsyoga.in Which supports aproximatly 160 languages across the globe.

Example content is availabe in below link


Promotional offer(Only one time- Means you could use any of thease only once after that you will fall into regular tariff)

(Gold subscription)One year – 130 Rs
(Silver subscription)Six months – 66 Rs
(Bronze subscription)One month -11 Rs

How can you pay?

You can use the link which is being provided below in order to join the program. Or you can do a google pay to the number 8147433408 Or you can use the UPI which is arunwebber@okicici

How can you activate?

If you are using the link which are given below to activate this then you will get an automatic renewal.(You will be needed a paypal account for now- More gateways will be activated shortly) Or if you are using the google pay to activate the account you will receive a username and password to your email id or phone number.

Is there any timing for this course?

There is no timing of this course. You could use the content whenever you needed.

Is there any kind of certification is being provided?

This is not a certification program rather than this is being focused on individual development.

How do i get notified?

You will recieve an email when ever there is a new post is updated.

What Are you waiting for you can do a one month trail subscription just less than 11 Rs

Level Price  
Bronze 30 days subscription $0.15 now and then $2.00 per Month. Select
Silver Subscription Six months $1.00 now and then $11.00 every 6 Months. Select
Gold subscription One year $2.00 now and then $20.00 per Year. Select

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