About Me and Contact Details

I am a professional engineer and Founder of the successful start-up, Eduladder.com, a community of students who help each other pass exams, ranging from First Standard, Second PU and University, including SRM, AMITY and VTU.

I was born into a Vedic astrology family in Kerala and have travelled extensively across India. I was fortunate enough to meet and live with a lot of masters from different disciplines, including Matha Chaithanyamai on Narayanagurukula and Sahadev.

My spiritual therapy and teachings are mainly based on the Vedas and astrology. The following video explains the wide range of information you can acquire from a Vedic chart reading.

I also use the Crowley tarot deck along with this, if requested to so. The following video gives a brief outline of what is a tarot deck is.

I also have a video which explains how to use the tarot deck as a psychotherapy tool.

Combined, these sources of information can be utilised to reveal more about your relationship status, your career choices and offers clarity in decision making.

If you feel a personalized reading maybe be of benefit to you, or if you are looking to increase your energy level in order to live your highest potential, then you’re welcome to connect with me for an initial non-obligation consultation to see which service would be best suited to you.


+91 8147433408 (WhatsApp)

Bonus video

More videos like these can be found on our Youtube channel

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