Demystifying Velichapadu with Para Psychology

The Velichappadu or komaram is a part mythical and part magical figure Can be transalated to english as the channel of mother goddess. In at this video i am trying to demystify the velichappadu with the help of parapsychology Related posts:Why you should know key board shortcuts and some of themATS friendly resumes are one […]

Social Psychology Of content Marketing

Intellectual familiarity The quantity of miniature choices made during our time is faltering. A recent report indicated that guests judge a site in 0.05 seconds – quicker than the squint of an eye. While a recent report by Microsoft noticed individuals’ capacity to focus has limited to eight seconds at the maximum. Thus, people like […]

Psychology of communication

The message sent isn’t really the message gotten. We frequently accept that since we said something (or thought or proposed something) that when someone else doesn’t comprehend what we mean, it’s their issue. All things considered, the individual who sends the message knows precisely what the person implied. Notwithstanding, what the individual on the less...

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