Cool videos discussing gadgets for techies

Here are some of the cool videos which are discussin about the gadgets for the techies. Top 7 Pocket gadgets Nine Most usefull gagets for techies Ten unique nerd gifts 20 Of other gadgets Related posts:10 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses Online for 2020 A google search can take you thereTips for interviewLearning to take […]

List of real tech billionaires

Tobi LutkeTobi LutkeAge: 39 Net worth: $1.6 billion What he does: Tobi Lutke is the founder and CEO of ecommerce technology company Shopify. Peter SzulczewskiPeter SzulczewskiAge: 39 Net worth: $1.4 billion What he does: Peter Szulczewski is the cofounder and CEO of ecommerce platform Wish. AdvertisementSachin BansalSachin BansalAge: 38 Net worth: $1 billion What he […]