There are mainly three workshops which I have designed to help you to centralize.

1)Aruns yoga (Zero)

This is a mixture of kapalabathi with Surya Namaskar helps you to become aware of yourself and to expand your consciousness this is just 30 min in length.

2)Self-exploration workshops are the workshops designed with art, color combined with meditation techniques to raise a question and get answers on your self with the primary intention of who you are and what you want to be. And use those answers to improve the quality of your life and beings around you. we are using mandala painting with this to do so.
A mandala is a symbolic representation of the whole universe – a microcosm representing the macrocosm. When we paint Mandalas we experience various levels of ecstasy in different stages of our journey. Imagine the present space which we are in as the manifestation of the unmanifest. The easiest way to unite with the unmanifest is to use a key which opens a door through us. This is where mandala paintings help us – they are sacred geometric patterns which act as the key which opens this door. in India Hindus and Buddhists have been exploring the use of it for millennia, while in the west such sacred geometry have been explored by great artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci

3)Gurdjieff’s dance movements These are sacred movements developed by Gurdjieff a mystic from Russia however his movements are interestingly followed sacred patterns which we are already discussed.
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