Vedic reading series episode no-22 Self Journey Of a Porn Warrior Felicity Feline.

Hello and welcome to another episode of our vedic reading series In at this episode of no -22 we are joining with the former adult entertainer, certified nutrition and yoga trainer felicity feline. In at this particular episode we are analysing her chart along with her dog felix and going through her vision and her […]

Mathamatica – Coin Price Meets Algorithm And Astrology – 1

Coin price that gives you the highest return in the shortest time: The best coins to invest in: This list will be coming soon … so stay tuned! Related posts:Ways to remeber integration and diffrentiationAsthavakra GitaThe important ways to sell content onlineFive websites that could help you to get your school projects doneReasons why you...

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Welcome To The Astrology Of East And West: Episode No. 4 (Donald Trump)

Click Here To Chat with me Hi. This is the fourth episode of the Astrology of East And West Series. In at this podcast, Amadai and I explore the chart of 45th American president, Donald Trump. Welcome to The Astrology Of East And West: Episode No. 4 (Donald Trump). Below Is A Written Transcript Of […]

Astrology Of East And West: Episode No. 3 (Fundamental Differences And Similarities)

Click here to chat with me Hi. This is the third episode in the Astrology Of East And West Series.  In this episode, we explore the fundamental differences and similarities between the astrology of the East and West, including the shapes of charts, size of the houses, the meaning of each house and planets, and […]

Astrology of east and west Episode No-1(Reading My chart Western)

Chat with me Use the above link to chat with me Today we are having a special guest her name is Shelagh, She is into “Investigating Spiritual Pathways And Timing Your Personal Development”. Her spiritual name is Amadai She is a Psychic and an astrologer. Today’s podcast is a special one because in at this […]

Tarot reading series Episode no -1 Beyond orgasm.

Chat with me. Use the above link to chat with me Hi, This is a very special podcast with Betsy The author of Autobiography of an orgasm. In at this particular episode we are speaking about different types of orgasm What is enlightenment and what is it not. Different Tantric techniques to achieve enlightenment Tantric […]