Online Workshop

‘Consciousness Transformed: Covid, Global Uncertainty and Kundalini Yoga’ Mystical Meditation and Arun’s Yoga invite you to join us for our June 2021 online workshop, ‘Consciousness Transformed: Covid, Global Uncertainty & Kundalini Yoga’ on Saturday 26 June 2021, 12.30-1.30pm BST / 5-6pm IST. For more information and to register, please email: See also, […]

Mystical Wisdom And An Introduction To Kundalini Yoga

Connect With Me Hi. Welcome all to a new episode of our podcast​ series. In this podcast, I am joined by Heather Smith to discuss #MysticalWisdom​ and an introduction to #KundaliniMeditation​. Below is a written transcript of the interview hithis is arun from irons yoga dot ironi am a software engineer who mostly workwithnode.js php […]

Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 16 – Mystical Meditation: Uthara bhadrapada nakshatra

Connect with me click the aobve link to connect with me Hi, Today I am joined by Heather Smith. Heather is the founder of ‘Mystical Meditation’. She is based in London and California, offering spiritual guidance designed for anyone interested in the mystical teachings of “The Infinite Way” (the work of Joel Goldsmith) or for […]