Talking To The Dead – Vedic Reading Series Episode No. 21 With June Ahern

Click Here To Connect With Me Our guest for today’s podcast is medium, June Ahern. June is gifted with the ability to communicate with the dead and read past life events with the help of spirits. In this podcast our discussion centres on her own near-death experience and the way in which she connects with […]

Thoth The God Of Wisdom And The Name Of Crowley Tarot

The following are the videos from youtube which drew my attenton about Thoth. I enjoyed watching these and I hope you will too. Light Of Thoth Egypt: The Book Of Thoth – Secret Teachings Emerald Tablets Of Thoth Thoth’s Master Plan Of Secret Teachings – Hermetic Tablets Recovered Info Related posts:The facts about cypto currenciesMost...

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Tarot reading series Episode no -1 Beyond orgasm.

Chat with me. Use the above link to chat with me Hi, This is a very special podcast with Betsy The author of Autobiography of an orgasm. In at this particular episode we are speaking about different types of orgasm What is enlightenment and what is it not. Different Tantric techniques to achieve enlightenment Tantric […]

The shamanic wisdom Vedic reading series episode no-2 – Anuradha Nakshatra

Chat with me. Use the above link to chat with me. In this podcast I am having a guest his name is Franko he lives in Brazil and he is a shaman who helps people to seek there true purposes with the help of tarot cards and shamanic wisdom.  He also wrote two books in […]