Remote viewing capability and Kundalini Yoga – A study based on the Docu Movie third Eye Spies.

This is a reaction which I have made after watching the Movie Third Eye Spies. Last day one of my friend has told me to watch this movie. And I decided to go ahead and thought Of making a reaction video to this. How ever the remote viewing capabilitys are possible. Those are being said […]

Kundalini Yoga Level -1 (A simple meditation technique to transmit your sexuality into creativity)

This video is a simple meditation technique of kundalini yoga the very first step to transmit your sexuality into visible creative force. Taken from devi sahasranamam. Related posts:Ethical Pros and Cons of the DarknetSri lalitha sahasra namam (As is)Proven techniques to mastering the art of salesThe important ways to sell content onlineTen steps to improve […]

How yoga can change your body

le fibres lengthen and re-align, which is a tremendous thanks to shape the body, giving our students a tighter and leaner physique. The breath work we do during yoga fuels the metabolic system, which promotes increased fat burning and may end in weight loss. Daily practice also will promote hormonal balance, thus making it easier […]

Reasons why you should practice yoga.

1. Yoga Teaches You To Be comfortable with Your LimitationsThis has been one among the foremost difficult lessons I even have learned – and am still learning – through my yoga practice. Because yoga is about gradual, gentle progression; on the mat, you don’t need to compete with anybody, even yourself. Everybody has different limitations: for instance , I soon discovered that my hips are really […]

A yogic method of getting what you want in life

I recomend to start with the nakshatra yoga and get your nakshatra I personally recommend Then you could choose the right nakshatra yoga from our database. Related posts:Proven techniques to mastering the art of salesBest websites to find online JobsImportant Javascript Concepts Which is asked on Every InterviewKayakalpam The lost art of antiagingIsha Upanishad...

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Nakshatra yoga

I would like to talk about what is nakshatra yoga. During the period of the epidemic, I got stuck on the ASRM in Banglore its name is vishwalaya it is a very intense place which is located on the top of ravagodalu village entire villagers are grown up in at this particular asrm because of...

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